Study and Organizational Skills

Every parent wants their child to be organized and focused, setting a consistent routine to keep your child focused and goal oriented makes a difference in learning. Most of us live day to day not realizing that we are all very routine in nature, but how do we teach our children to pick up a routine and stay on it? Consistency. If you set a system in place or specific guidelines you want your child to follow make sure you try to enforce that routine daily and show praise when the child also follows up on the routine. For instance, if you tell your child to get their homework agenda signed daily in school make sure to check it and sign it because if you do not, you have shown your student your are not willing to follow through on your word which then shows them they do not have to follow the routine either.

Also keep your child organized by updating binders and folders weekly. Buy dividers, trash old papers they no longer need and help them stay tidy. This will help keep their brain more energized and on task.

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