Phonics and Comprehension Tutors in Suffolk

Students today seem to require more and more help when it comes to breaking down words and understanding the phonetically correct sounds words make. Teachers have been discovering this sad but true reading break down for years.

If parents could take a peek into classrooms around the United States they would see how many students really struggle with reading and understanding simple vocabulary. Phonics and comprehension building with a tutor is very important. One on one time with a Tidewater Tutor can make a huge difference when sending your child into a classroom with 25-30 other students. Teachers do not always have time to devote to one on one instruction, but a tutor can and will give your student that extra advantage and help them make strides in reading and comprehension.

Once or twice a week reading tutoring can improve and tremendously impact a students ability to grasp new reading concepts and strategies. Students have to learn skills that will help them be able to withstand the rigor and stamina needed when taking these long standardized test. Reading is so critical to every aspect of our lives so it is so imperative that parents realize the benefits of tutoring.

Phonics and reading tutoring in Suffolk offers:

One on one instruction

Confidence building

Brain boosting activities

Critical thinking skills



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