Summer Camp Fun

Summer Camp Fun

Why Kids Love Summer Camp — And Why You Should Too


Is there anything more American than kids spending a summer at camp? Sure, what counts as “camp” has changed a lot over the years. Not all campers spend their days shooting arrows and hay bails, canoeing on a freezing-cold pond, or wondering just how burnt you can make a marshmallow and still eat it. These days, kids can learn how to code, build robots, even catch up with their classmates in reading or math.

But in the end, summer camp is still a wonderful thing for children. And that’s why it’s a wonderful thing for adults. Not only can you enjoy some non-child time during camp, your kids will learn to grow up in a good way.

Great Things From Summer Camp

Some parents view summer camp as a way to get rid of the kids for a week or so. That’s fine, but the people who benefit most are your kids. That’s because summer camp can help prepare them for being an adult.

That’s because almost every camp will help your kids develop social skills, decision-making skills, and teamwork. Kids there will have to make new friends, navigate through social circles, and decide how to do things (and sometimes, what things to do). Yet they are surrounded by adults trained to help and protect kids.

Then there’s the boost to self-esteem. At summer camps, kids face a series of challenges. Whether it’s building a robot that works or trying to catch a fish for the first time, the kids get to do things they might never have before. Such variety enriches them, but they also learn they can be successful.

They won’t win at everything, of course, but that actually builds resiliency. Those complaints about kids these days winning awards for everything has some truth to it. But by providing many opportunities to find something to be successful with, summer camps make sure kids can fail, move on, and find something to be good at.

More Than Just Fishing And Campfires

What your child will learn from summer camp depends what type of place they visit. You can still find cabins out in the woods by a serene lake, and there’s a lot to get from such a nature-focused camp. But many schools, libraries, park districts, and even tutoring centers are now offering a wide variety of summer camps, such as:

  • Sports camps (football, soccer, swimming, even paintball)
  • Education camps (engineering, foreign languages, zoos, robotics)
  • Art camps (acting, dance, film & video, music)

It’s not like one of these camps only offers those kinds of activities. A music camp can still have a campfire and a fine meal of hotdogs on sticks. But that will be the focus.

There are other options as well. Some summer camps are overnight, while others are only during the day. There are ones just for girls or boys, families, religion, and more.

Picking One That Meets Your Child’s Needs

With all of those different options, it can be hard to pick just one. That’s when you need to think about your children’s particular needs. After all, this is for them, too.

Start by talking to your children about their expectations for summer camp. They know what summer camp is — but not really. They probably watched a show or cartoon about camp, so they might have a very different idea of what it will be like. Then ask what they want from summer camp. While you might have that in mind for your kids already, matching a camp to what your kids want to do can only yield good things.

Finally, finish by doing some research on summer camps in your area. Talk to them and ask any questions you might have, such as how they can help with your child’s allergies or similar needs.

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Kids love summer camp because it’s a fun and exciting adventure, but adults should love it too because it helps your children grow up and have great skills for adulthood.

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