Reading Comprehension help in Norfolk

Reading is so fundamental and the more we read the better we become at it. Believe or not reading is a learned skill. In order to get better and better at it one must practice daily. Reading has to be a integral part of your daily routine. Reading practice alone is not enough you also have to develop how to comprehend and break apart what you are reading for understanding.

Tidewater tutors offers reading comprehension help in Norfolk and we provide one on one skills so that a reader can feel confident and gain success we learning to build reading fluency. Organization and confidence play a key factor in a students daily success in accomplishing any goal. Make sure to allow reading to be a enjoyable activity, not something they have to do as a punishment.

Allow students to read different types of books. Let them read things that interest them, but also expand their horizons by reading fiction, non fiction, biographies, magazines, and most importantly teach them to read the newspaper.

Fun facts about Reading:

  • Reading allows you to learn something new daily.
  • Reading prevents Alzheimer’s.
  • Reading is fun.
  • Reading enhances your memory.
  • Reading can boost your analytical thinking.


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