Reading Comprehension help in Chesapeake

It’s that time of the year again, school is getting ready to back in full swing! Parents have to stress the importance of reading and comprehension before classes begin. Parents should take advantage of the library and check out books, utilize resources for phonics and help your student build their comprehension skills.

Reading is the most important skill because it flows into every aspect of your life. If you know reading is something that you or your student struggles with then securing a tutor for reading comprehension help in Chesapeake would be your best choice. Parents and students sometimes bicker with each, other because trying to tutor someone can be difficult if you do not know the fundamental skills to start with. Also most importantly make sure you have patience with your student it makes all the difference in their growth and development.

Tips for reading success:

  1. Secure a Tidewater Tutor for reading help.
  2. Read every night at least 30 minutes a night.
  3. Try to read a variety of stories, and articles.
  4. Read with periodic stops in between to check for comprehension and understanding.
  5. Read aloud so students can hear proper tone and diction.
  6. Have the reader write a short paragraph about what they read.

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