Online math and reading Tutoring in Norfolk and Hampton

Tidewater Tutors is so excited to be offering a new and convenient service for parents and students! We are offering online math and reading tutoring in Norfolk and Hampton. We are bringing the human touch of real face to face tutoring and pairing it with technology to bring tutoring right to your bedroom or living room.

Online tutoring help in reading and math can be very beneficial for the parent or student that can not get out the house to meet at the library or for the tutor who is 30 minutes away stuck in traffic. Tidewater Tutors wants to make tutoring easy and able to fit in your daily lifestyle no matter what you have going on. All you have to do is grab a wipe board from the Dollar Tree, laptop or sit at your desktop plug in and have a great session with your tutor.

You can go over math problems, reading comprehension, cause and effect, screen share, and LEARN. Online tutoring frees you from the brick and mortar cliché of everyday tutoring and gives you freedom and flexibility to take Tidewater Tutors anywhere you go. Join the movement and schedule a online session for reading or math or both. Don’t just pick any tutor use a Tidewater Tutor!!

The advantages of ONLINE TUTORING:

Freedom and flexibility

No location boundaries

Work on the beach

Build your use of modern technology

Build confidence

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