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Hello, I am Rose, I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Hampton University.  I developed a strong background in science and math.  I believe my Calculus and Statistics courses strengthen my foundation in elementary math.  In my science lab courses, I had to keep records of the experiments that were performed, which enhanced my organizational skills.  I received my Master of Science degree in Pharmacology from Georgetown University.  I utilized my analytical skills, which can be used determine the best studying methods.

I worked at the Blocker Norfolk YMCA for five years in the child care department, first holding the position of I-Zone Coach then as Camp counselor and Arts and Craft Specialist.  While working with children, I learned how to multi-task and communicate the same message in variations.  I also learned how to communicate information effectively to both the child and parent.  I have also been a volunteer tutor at Jacox Elementary School for third grade math and reading.  I have been employed as a substitute for Norfolk Public Schools since the past school year and been exposed to the challenges and opportunities of learning in the classroom.

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