Dyslexia Tutoring in Hampton Roads

Dyslexia use to be a closet disorder that no one wanted to discuss. Parents could not understand why their children could not read or pronounce words. Now more than ever we are seeing a trend in more students being diagnosed with Dyslexia. It is becoming so prevalent that we as teachers are having to attend training’s so that we can identify and understand the signs of Dyslexia.

Dyslexia looks different at every grade level and all children do not experience the same signs and problems. Younger children who experience dyslexia may have a hard time pronouncing and decoding vocabulary. Dyslexia is more than just seeing words jumbled or backwards.

Middle, high and college students who experience dyslexia need more one on one attention and have a hard time taking notes in class because they may not be able to spell or decode the phonetics of language. If your child suffers from Dyslexia schools have test they can administer called the PALS 1 and 2.

Try to have your child screened early on and make sure if they need accommodations you get them help immediately. Dyslexia students can definitely benefit from one on one tutoring and help. They need specialized tutoring.


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