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Welcome to Tidewater Tutors! We Bring Tutoring To YOU!

Tidewater Tutors Goal statement:
Helping students become the GENIUS they already are. We encourage students to build academic self worth with Tidewater Tutors!

How do we achieve this goal:
Tidewater Tutors strives to help all students learn in a engaging and comprehensive matter regardless of where they are in their educational path. We make sure that students and parents are happy within our program. Tidewater Tutors work together with the student, parent and teachers so that each tutee reaches their highest level of potential. We monitor student progress and maintain consistent communication with parents to make sure that each student reaches their maximum goal.

I will make sure each student is matched with the best private tutor to fit their academic needs. Each tutor will give your child special one on one time that is needed so they receive the personalized attention and easy to understand lessons to encourage student mastery. Tidewater tutors specializes in grades pre k-12 tutors and college exit writing exams as well as SAT and ACT tutoring. We know how important it is for students to be able to compete in a very competitive academic arena, so let my tutors help your child succeed. Home schoolers are also welcome and we specialize in helping pre-schoolers prepare for entrance into kindergarten. Tidewater Tutors also specializes in handwriting and script (cursive).

We service all the Tidewater Regions including Virginia Beach, Hampton, Suffolk, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Newport News and Portsmouth. If you are in another area not listed please call and we can discuss your specific needs.

How do Tidewater Tutors sessions work:

  • Call Tidewater Tutors with any tutoring needs( homework, test prep, exams, etc )
  • The tutor will call you to arrange the specified sessions at a location that is mutually agreed upon or online
  • Tidewater Tutors can provide tutoring online, in your home, library or any other mutually agreed upon location.

Tidewater Tutors Promise Exceptional Creative Tutors!

Tidewater Tutors screen and background check our tutors so you don’t have to worry about who will be helping your student.

Tutors on your schedule – Tidewater Tutors will respond within 24hrs once we receive a request. You only need to focus on learning and getting the help you need to succeed we handle everything else.

The right private tutor GUARANTEED… If you are not satisfied with your Tidewater Tutor after the first 2 sessions we will gladly replace your tutor no questions asked. We like to have at least 3 sessions prior to changing Tidewater Tutors in order to give everyone time to get accumulated with one another.

Personalized Solutions – We at Tidewater Tutors love our clients and we want to make sure you are happy so we offer highly personalized solutions and service.

We offer the following tutoring services:

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One-on-one Tutoring

We’ll come to your home or meet you at a convenient location. Tidewater Tutors sessions are personalized for each student—we create a plan for your success.

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Test Prep

When it comes to testing, Tidewater Tutors can help make sure you’re always prepared. We offer test prep for the SAT, ACT, GED, and SOLs.

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Study Skills

We’re passionate about helping you learn how to learn. Tidewater Tutors can help you improve your study skills, learn more efficiently, and stay organized.

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Tidewater Tutors offers a range of free workshops with topics including college planning, learning styles, creating a study environment, and many more.

Tidewater Tutors knows how to help you !! We know what you need !! Tidewater Tutors bring experts that bring results you want for your child.

There is nothing more effective and engaging than bringing an expert into your child’s  life to give the one on one personal attention that your child needs.

All children no matter what the age appreciate personal one on one attention. After one or 2 sessions with our Tidewater Tutors specially chosen tutor, a relationship is formed, a comprehensive evaluation is continuing and your child will feel the love and attention you have provided from an expert who is focused on your child reaching the highest potential possible. National Studies have shown children who get one on one attention from an expert on a regular basis outperform their peers in academics and athletics 90% of the time.

Tidewater Tutors philosophy for education is based on love, faith, trust, focus, persistence and hard work. Remember knowledge and education is power and is the sword and shield your child needs to compete in this world at every level.